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Habits that can help prevent aging

Beautifulwomenandhealthy.blogspot.com will give you tips about prevent aging, there are several Easy ways you can do to prevent wrinkles :
  1. Expand water : This method is not a new way, but it has been proven effective in reducing wrinkles. Water is the secret to hydrate the skin and make it more elastic. You not only have to increase drinking water, but also hydrates skin with consumption plenty of fruit and vegetable . The content of antioxidants and fiber in it can retain water in cells longer than just drinking water.
  2. Sport : Lazy to exercise? carefully, then quickly broken skin instead. In addition health benefits for body, it has the added benefit of exercise that makes the skin so beautiful. Research proves that the women who routine exercise will have firmer skin, healthy, and fresh than those who are lazy. Exercise can help increase the oxygen content in the body that is used to repair damaged cells and increasing the production of collagen.
  3. Reduce sugar : Sugar is one of the 10 most addictive foods. Sugar can cause obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. in addition, sugar is also a nightmare for beauty due to make skin dull and wrinkled. To overcome possible hazards, reduce consumption of sugar. If you want to enjoy sugar, replace it with natural sugar from fruit or honey.
  4. Simply calm yourself : Every day it seems there just makes you so stressed or angry. Too many angry will make your skin folded and creased so many folds will form wrinkles. Instead, calm yourself with take a deep breath. Or occasional calm yourself by going on vacation and do fun activities.


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