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How to Eliminate Black Spots on Face Naturally

For women, the cleanliness and beauty of the face is the main thing that should be kept after the ideal body shape.

Various efforts we will do to keep face from black spots, which would greatly Tarnish the Beauty.

The emergence of black spots on the face is usually caused by several factors, one of which is exposure to direct sunlight on the skin. When skin is exposed to the sun, the skin will automatically produce melatonin or pigment cells excessively, then melatonin that will make small stains on the skin of the face.

Besides sun exposure, dark spots can also be caused due to genetic factors, fast food we eat, the beauty products that do not conform to the facial skin, acne scars until the use of the contraceptive pill that make estrogen hormon, progesterone and MSH is not balanced. Then how do I remove the black spots on the face? Here are some tips that might be to try:

  1. Bengkoang Mask/ Potatoes Mask : This method is quite simple. puree it the bengkoang or potato until to be a coarse puree. Filter and take the waste residue and then apply to the face as a mask. Wait for 15 minutes then rinse in warm water.
  2. Lime juice : This step is easier. Quite a few slices of lemon, and rub on the face that spots contained. Leave it for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water.
  3. Watermelon mask : How almost the same as last bengkoang mask. Blend watermelon flesh, then apply evenly on the skin, let stand 15 minutes then wash your face with warm water, preferably with a thin towel, wait a moment and then rinse with cold water.
  4. Sunblock : When you wish to travel and outdoor activity, use a sunblock that contain SPF of 30% every 4 hours. Of course it's to reduce the intensity of sunlight directly into the skin.
  5. Avoid Facial Toner : If you want to clean your face, simply rinse with clean water. Do not need a toner, astringent or face tonic for excessive consumption may cause increased skin dry.
  6. Egg White and Honey : Mix the egg white and honey and apply on the face evenly. Leave it for 10 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water using a thin towel.
  7. Black Spots Removal Cream : There are a number of products to remove Black Spots that made of herbal ingredients which of course more safe. One is a special cream. Cream is a dermatologist concoction intended for patients who have skin problems like black spots, pimples or even a dull facial skin.


Various tips and how to remove the black spots on the face as described above will certainly not be effective with once or twice usage. Treating black spots on the face is not easy.

However, by applying it regularly and periodically hopefully can bring the expected results. Want instant way to remove the black spots on the face? Easy. Just do laser therapy method, mikrodemabrasi and mesotherapy are certainly not cheap! :)


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