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Creating Eyebrow Shape According Face Shape Make Women More Beautiful

Eyebrows which appropriate and in accordance with the appearance of the face can change quite dramatically. However, errors in shaping eyebrows can make the appearance look weird. Consider the following tips for eyebrow shaping appropriate face.

Women often do not trust myself with the original shape eyebrows. The woman was eventually need to scrape the eyebrows to get which new eyebrow shape. Now, how to shape eyebrows right?
The following are Tips Shaping Eyebrows For Face Shape
Shaping Eyebrows For Face Shape

Oval face
How to shaping eyebrows for oval face : The most favorable face shape oval face shape because it is compatible with all forms of eyebrows. Adjust color eyebrow pencil with eyebrow hair original color, as this style of Tyra Banks.

Heart faces
How to shaping eyebrows for heart face : Women who has heart faces shape is very suitable with shape eyebrows without arch at the end of the eyebrow. Heart shape face has a pointed chin and face type like this already have a corner on the face. Thus, a line was formed without enough eyebrows arch with an eyebrow pencil from base to tip of the eyebrows. Then, trim them with a mascara brush.

Round Face
How to shaping eyebrows for Round face : For owners of a round face, choose a medium-sized eyebrows shape and slightly tapered at the end of the eyebrow. The trick, shape the eyebrow  size-medium using soft eyebrow pencil. Then, create a slightly arched eyebrows and pointy at the end of the eyebrow so that taper impression on the face. Avoid eyebrows are very thin because it will increasingly round shape of your face,  just copy style of Amanda Seyfried.

Square Face
How to shaping eyebrows for square face : The owners square face and have thick eyebrows, impressed into fierce personal. Trim just a little tip of the eyebrows by using a tweezer (eyebrow puller tool). Then, shaping slight arch thick  at the base of the eyebrows using an eyebrow brush that has been smeared eyebrow pencil. Then, trim the brows with a mascara brush. This eyebrow shape will disguise the face of the box so it looks softer.

Long Face

How to shaping eyebrows for long face : A long face looks good with a flat brow to avoid further elongation.

Diamond Shaped Face:

How to shaping eyebrows for Diamond face : Diamond faces are quite angular and looks good with a more rounded or peaked eyebrow to narrow the width.


The eyes are far apart
Trim the outer end of the eyebrow and make the baseline beyond the tip of the inner eye. This will make both eyebrows made ??more adjacent base.

Eyes Too Adjacent
To make the eyes seem a bit apart, give the distance space between the ends of eyebrows base by removing or shaved  eyebrows in this section.


To give the impression of larger eyes, remove or shave the hair of the eyebrow bottom, so that the distance of the eyes and brows wider.

In the next article, beautifulwomenandhealthy.blogspot.com will post tips several way (method) to shaping eyebrow


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