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How to shape beautiful eyebrow and tidy

Not only the hair that needs to be laid out, as well as eyebrows. In shaping eyebrows just have to be very careful and very detailed. Eyebrow shape can affect the appearance of the face. Sometimes it can be more mature and graceful, there is also an appearance worsened.

Three point eyebrows
Shaping eyebrows is actually easy. You just have to follow the vertex in,vertex  upper , and vertex outside (as seen in the picture)

A. vertex in
B. vertex upper
C. vertex outside

The first rule, make sure you not using convex mirror. The mirror really help you figure out where the line you have to make.

Step 1
Beautiful eyebrow is the end of the eyebrow in line with the inner corner of the eye. You can measure it with the help of a pencil.

Step 2
Line B is a line drawn from the highest point of the eye. The line is a reference in making the highest peak eyebrows or as a point arc.

Step 3

Long eyebrows should be adjusted with the outer corner of the eye. eyebrows are also not recommended too short or too long to be balanced. You can draw parallel lines from the nose to the corner of the eye to determine the end of the eyebrow.

Width eyebrows

Eyebrows that are too wide will give the impression of a fierce and decisive. While eyebrows that are too thin will also be less than perfect. Ideally eyebrows 0.5 cm wide, and getting to the end of the tapered shape.

Eyebrow color

If you use the help of an eyebrow pencil, it is advisable to use a color younger than eyebrows. Younger color will give the impression of natural.

You can also use the help of eyeshadow so neat eyebrows and longer lasting color.

Shaving eyebrows

To shave the eyebrows, follow the existing pattern. If you are in doubt, in the early stages you can ask for more expert help. Then you just follow it.


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