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How to Smooth Face Naturally (using egg white,honey and banana)

How smooth the face by using some traditional herb turns out it is still widely used by beauty experts. Herbs not only can smooth the skin, but can also bleach it.
Some of the herbs ingredient you can use at any time without fear of leaving the side effects on the skin.

Herbal ingredients are generally very suitable to all skin types because it does not contain harmful ingredients. It's just the use traditional herb feel the effect if done regularly and for a long time, in contrast to the use of facial cosmetic results can be seen in a short time.

For those who do not have the patience in facial skin care by using ingredient herbs, likely only going to get upset and not optimal results. what your Choose? Well, here are some ways to smooth the skin with traditional ingredients, such as:

  1. How to Smooth Face with Egg White

    Maybe you never thought that the egg whites are able smoothes rough skin face, facial skin which has large pores. The trick is to take an egg and break the shells at the end of its circle smaller eggs, remove the clear liquid and store in a clean container and then you can use the skin as a mask. Let it dry and if the skin is numb, then you open it using warm water.
  2. How to Smooth Skin using Honey

    Honey we are familiar with a variety of content such as fructose (fruit sugar), glucose (grape sugar), sucrose (cane sugar) and maltose (grain sugar). In addition, honey also contains many vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, D, K, E, Uric Acid, and nicotinic acid. From some of the content, honey is able to smooth the skin by simply applying to all parts of the body that we want. Leave it for 15 minutes then wash up with cold water. Do it regularly and see the results.
  3. How to Smooth Face With Banana

    It's no secret that bananas are able to make your skin smoother. Already much has been proven. The trick is to cook banana 2-3 pieces and then mashed. After that, apply to skin that looks rough. Do this every day until a week and see the changes in your skin.
So, how smooth the face does not need to cost that much, just apply one of the traditional herbal recipes that have been described above. Good luck!


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