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5 Ways To Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is generally caused due to hormonal changes, excess thyroid, digestive problems and anemia. But it could be as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and excessive the hair grooming.

You could say experience hair loss if the strands that fell more than 50-100 every day. Hair loss is difficult to prevent, but can be minimized with proper care. Here are some ways to overcome the hair loss, as summarized from MayoClinic and eHow :

  1. Meet the Specialist : It is recommended to see a dermatologist if you experience severe hair loss after childbirth, menopause, drastic weight loss, severe illness or surgery. Temporary hair loss can be controlled with a shampoo and supplements that been prescribed by doctor.
  2. Use Minoxidil : You can use a hair tonic or a liquid that containing Minoxidil. You can do this by rubbing the liquid minoxidil to the scalp, two times a day. Minoxidil is the active ingredient that helps to grow hair and prevent more hair loss. But the formula is quite hard and can cause side effects such as irritation of the scalp or the hair growing in the places that are not desirable such as the forehead or face. Therefore, the use of this medication should be under medical supervision.
  3. Hair transplant : In the case of baldness resulting in permanent hair loss, hair transplant may be a solution. This procedure is done by lifting a small fraction of skin at every pore are a few strands of hair. Usually taken from the back or side of the scalp. Skin is then implanted into the bald area of ??the scalp. Transplant is usually performed several times for maximum results.
  4. Herbal Medicine Expert : If you choose a natural treatment, you must consult with an expert. Consult a complaint about your hair loss to herbalists, or herbologist. They know what of natural ingredients are safe to overcome hair loss. Starting from the use of green tea, tea tree oil, or other of natural ingredients. Follow the dosage and how to use it carefully.
  5. Eating the Right : Dr Ritu Mathur, hair specialist such was quoted by the Times of India said, you have to undergo a healthy diet rich in nutrients to prevent hair loss worse. His first recommendation is the consumption of foods rich in zinc and vitamin E. "Zinc is essential for hemoglobin carries oxygen to the scalp. Hair can not grow without the circulation," said Dr Ritu. Zinc is abundant in soybeans and chickpeas. While vitamin E, contained in omega 3 fatty acids. "Zinc derived from beans useful for absorption of many vitamins. Zinc deficiency can cause dandruff and cause hair loss. While Vitamin E helps improve blood circulation in the scalp," he said.


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