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How to Increase Height Naturally

How to increase the height or tips to enhance the body easily and cheaply without take a long time is a topic that many searching for right now, especially by those who are problem by height.

 Not a few people who feel inferior because it has a shorter body than her friends, especially if he has a wide physique Actually there is a special tool that can be used to increase the height. It's just very expensive.

Well, here we are not concerned about the adding height equipment, but will share some natural way of cheap and easy way to increase the height. Please read some of the ways to add height below:

  1. Bicycle Cycling exercise if done regularly every morning and evening can increase your height. When cycling, paddling can actually lengthen your leg bones than before. Besides being able to increase the height, cycling also strengthens leg muscles and your body healthy. Exercise bike can also burn your fat and your body will look slimmer so it gives the impression of height to your body.
  2. Swim Swimming also can increase your height. When you make a move in the water, all muscles from toe moves to allow stimulation, stretching and extension of your bones. Do exercise regularly swim at least 3 times a week.
  3. Playing Basketball Playing basketball regularly and routinely with the movement of the running and jumping height also allows the stretch on your bones. Playing basketball can also make your muscles stronger and stretch. This had a positive impact on increasing your height. By doing basketball regularly, your body will gradually grow taller than before.
  4. Playing volleyball Playing volleyball as well as basketball, high jump and then move on raising both hands greatly help increase your height.
  5. consuming Calcium We know that the benefits of calcium as formation and stimulates your bone development. Most of the calcium you get from milk drink. Moreover, if the milk was produced specifically to increase your height. So for those of you who are looking for ways to add height, you should look for in a swimming pool, field or in a glass of milk. Everything will help the growth of your bones.
Good luck!


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