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How to straighten hair naturally without chemical hair straightener

Having straight hair long and healthy is the desire of every woman. But this is a big problem for those who have wavy hair or curly hair. Not a few women are willing to pay high for having straight hair.

This phenomenon can be proved by the many women in and out of the beauty salon for hair care for them no matter how much money you should spend.

Is this also happening to you? If this happens to you, what should you do? This time we will discuss some tips and how to straighten hair naturally.

  1. Straighten Hair Using Pure Milk

    Milk can also be used as a hair straightener. Combine just a glass of milk and half a glass of water and then sprayed to the hair and leave up to 30 minutes to sink your hair sidelines. Let to dry and then comb until the tidy. Rinse your hair with shampoo conditioner until the clean
  2. Straighten Hair Using Celery Leaf

    Utilizing celery for creambath has been known previously until now as the first natural hair straightener. Way is to take a leaf celery that are still blooming, and then rinse until clean and then pounded until smooth then mix with water, squeeze, and use the water from squeeze for creambath. For more perfect results, leave the juice for 12 hours before you use. Do this regularly and get healthy and soft straight hair.
  3. Straighten Hair with Mixed Lime and Coconut Milk

    Lime juice and coconut milk can be used for hair straighteners materials. The content of lime can be removing and clean the grease and dirt on the scalp or in your hair. How to make this herb is 2 tablespoons lemon juice + 1 cup coconut milk and store it in the refrigerator to thicken. After thickened, smear on your hair or scalp then comb until the tidy. After that, wrap your head and your hair so that outside air does not enter. Perform massage in the head and then rinse thoroughly. If done regularly, then slowly your hair becomes softer and straight.
That is some tips how to straighten hair naturally that you can do yourself at home without the cost of expensive. Using natural herbal ingredients to maintain healthy hair, in addition to more safely, easily available and do not need more money, is not it? I hope this information is very beneficial for health and cleanliness of your hair.


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