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6 Steps Overcome Large Pores

Large pores on the face, it's a problem. So less unsightly appearance, much less make-up is sometimes not able to close the pores widen this perfectly. What should I do? Let's look completely tips to overcome the large pores on the face and back.

  1.  Clean the make-up every night carefully. No matter how you very tired, you should not direct up to bed without cleaning themselves first. Although you are not applying make-up every day (only impose moisturizer, powder, and lipstick), take the time to clean your face with cleanser. This is to release dirt and oil blend in the skin.
  2. Wash your face with a soap containing salicylic acid. This material will destroy oil and dirt that clog pores, and helps to improve the surface.
  3. Wear a moisturizer that does not contain oil, and does not cause allergies. Salicylic acid is likely to cause irritation to some particular skin type. Because it is combined with soft moisturizer.
  4. Wear sunscreen every day. Perhaps many of us do not realize that the sun can damage the skin. Exposure to sunlight damage the collagen layers that create smooth skin. Being outdoors without sunscreen protection will also destroy the benefits of the three steps that you did before.
  5. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin layers. Exfoliate should be used sparingly because it can cause dry skin, thus producing more oil to compensate for the condition.
  6. Perform monthly facials, facial serum specifically for large pores is perfect for you. Now also already many  facial especially for your back. So not only have a clean face, but the back was also maintained.
  7. So in conclusion, look beautiful not just polish cosmetics, but obtained for skin beauty care of the basics, starting when cleaning.


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