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Drinking Water Before Eating Lose Weight 12 Kg

Usually you often hear the types of foods that help burn fat. Well, there are two types of drinks that can help you burn more fat.

Slurping the  smoothies can trigger fat burning, as long as it contains whey protein powder. New research suggests that these substances trigger satiety hormones, including cholecystokinin, which your brain sends a signal "Hey, I'm full". Plus, whey protein found in milk. "When you lose weight, eating whey protein can help reduce the loss of muscle mass, which keeps your metabolism remains tight," said Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Whey protein powder is not only good for smoothies. You can mix it into the yogurt and pudding or add it to the cake ingredients when you bake muffins or cake.

Drinking water before meals
Want to lose 12 pounds a year? Drink two glasses of water before breakfast (as well as any before lunch or dinner). The people who do this in a recent study on Virginia Tech consume an average of 75 fewer calories than those who did not. "The water acts as an appetizer calorie-free," said study author Brenda M. Davy, PhD, RD. "The water will fill the stomach so it was not too hungry before eating." Other studies have also shown that the metabolism up, because your body has to work to raise the temperature of water consumed to adjust to body temperature. In one study, people who drank eight to 12 cups per day had a higher metabolic rate than those who drank four glasse.


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