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Face More Tyre with Shading Techniques

Chubby cheeks are often disturbing appearance and made ??no confidence. An easy way to make more gaunt cheeks is a shading technique.

Shading effect on certain parts of the face will camouflage a pudgy face.  here's seven steps to get Tyre cheeks with make-up techniques.

1. Brush
To start shading, you need a brush to give outline on face.
Use angle blush brush or brush the hairy side, if not, can use a blush brush.

2. color Brown

To get the shading right, make sure you are applying the color two or three levels older than skin color. The right color is brown matte (not shiny or bergliter). If you do not have a particular product shading, you can use blush or eyeshadow color brown.

3. pursed lips
Best trick to get a natural thin face is to put shading while pursing his lips. This way, you will more easily determine the point to be in the shading. Drag it slightly shading products, brown eyeshadow or blush under the cheekbone. Drag it slightly by turning so that the results are more subtle and do not leave the line shading.

4. Nose shading to make sharp
Shading technique is also able to give effect to the nose aquiline. Use brown eyeshadow and pulaskan from the side under the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose.

5. highlights
One of the things that is important is to give highlights on the face. Highkighter used to give effect Glowy beautiful and perfect makeup on your face. Provide highlight on the cheekbones and the middle area of ??the nose, then blend with the other makeup. If you do not have a product highlighter can use white or silver eyeshadow with shimmer.

6. Lovely Blush On
Applying the blush on the cheekbones with correct. The easiest way is with a smile. Drag it slightly also blush on the area under the eyes at the top of the cheeks, then blend until evenly distributed.

7. Apply Make Up
After successful shading on the face, apply make-up for other things like eyeshadow and lipstick. With make-up technique makes the face become more gaunt.


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