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Pregnancy examination (Ultrasonography) Just Three Times

Many things must be considered during pregnancy, from diligent investigation to the doctor untill the avoid activities that are harmful content.
In general, periodic checks should be carried out during pregnancy is a pregnancy at age 0-28 weeks, 28-36 weeks and 36-40 weeks.

Checkup during pregnancy 0-28 weeks done once a month, gestational age 28-36 weeks done 2 weeks, and when the gestational age 36-40 weeks once a week.

Some of the checks that must be done during pregnancy include laboratory trimester I and III trimester. The purpose of this examination is to monitor the health of pregnant women, as well as early detection of possible complications that may occur during pregnancy.
Laboratory tests include blood profile, blood / RH, HBsAg, blood sugar, complete urinalysis, IgM and TORCH.

Early detection with ultrasound (ultrasonography)

USG (ultrasonography) is one of the important examinations during pregnancy. Ultrasound examination aims to monitor the health of pregnant women and early detection of possible complications during pregnancy.
Ultrasound examination performed to determine the location of the fetus, pregnant outside or inside the uterus, placental location, to determine the size of the baby, head circumference, and others, are in accordance with gestational age. In addition, to evaluate fetal growth, an evaluation of the heart rate, as well as early detection of congenital abnormalities that may occur.

Now, also available  4D ultrasound that give results more accurate, colorful, and detailed. "Actually, 4D ultrasound examination is not required because the ultrasound depends on the expertise of people who do and can read it.

During pregnancy, an ultrasound examination should not be done continuously. Many doctors recommend that ultrasound is performed only 2 to 3 times.


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