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Secrets of slim and sexy style French women

Although many foods full of fat and carbohydrates,  the average body size of french women still slim and looks beautiful.

The following are some secrets slim and sexy style French woman who could be your reference:

Enjoy a meal
When eating, eat like a French woman. Eating with relax while enjoying being together with friends, family, and girlfriends. Remember the thrill brain needs time to send satiety signals.

On the bright side, in addition to reducing all forms of indigestion, this practice makes you not overeat.

Seasonal food consumption

We know a lot about the benefits and taste of seasonal foods, but we rarely eat it. Think about the difference between your dinner in winter and in summer.

Most of us will tell you that there is almost no difference. But eating seasonal foods is much easier and cheaper. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are quality and healthy choices.

Avoid processed foods

In other words, they would rather enjoy a little piece of chocolate instead of one big piece of desserts containing low fat chocolate.

The fact is, as a compensation for low-fat, sugar content is usually higher. Maybe less fat, does not mean you are free from sugar calories that make your skinny jeans more congested.

No need to diet

There are only 10% of French women are overweight. Full-fat foods they eat do not make them stretchy body, because it is actually full fat foods can make you slim. Why?

This is because the full fat makes you full longer, while a diet that is almost always full of preservatives make you hungry.

Dining while accompanied by music

Turn the slow rhythmic music to accompany your meal activities. slow rhythm music helps us eat slowly.


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