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Sexy Woman style of Santa Claus

Not just a Christmas tree, Christmas figure, Santa Claus also inspired a number of artists in a dress, even underwear.

With a bright red color, not little sexy actress and model attended a Christmas party this year.

Artist Leilani Dowding apply a glowing red color for the dress on her knees. Her dress was long-sleeved and open at the back, exposing his back. He adds a sweet look with Santa Claus hat.

Imogen Thomas wants the baby is still in the stomach also felt the excitement of Christmas and get a gift from Santa Claus. Wearing clothes made ??of velvet and complete with white feathers, Imogen really applying the santa clothes to the dress.

Dutch model Sylvie van der Vaart, modeling sexy underwear color red. Photographed holding a Christmas present, Sylvie ready to replace Santa Claus duties.

Singer Katy Perry also borrowed a Santa Claus outfit for the concert. Complete with waistband black Santa Claus.

Not to forget the older artist Mariah Carey. Shown with a short low-cut dress to her chest, Carey very sexy.

How about your celebrate of christmas?


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