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The Cosmetic Surgery With Laser Techniques

Cosmetic surgery laser systems now many offered by beauty doctors, and it turns out enough interest  to patients who want youthful skin.
The advantage to using laser surgery is to eliminate various skin problems in a shorter time than using usual cream, due the laser work immediately after was fired into the face. Cosmetic surgeons usually tend to prefer laser surgery because of the risk of injuries to the face can be minimized but the results are more optimal.

The surgeon will target the laser on fine lines and wrinkles on the face, eye bags, acne scars, pigmentation and dark spots and sagging skin around the face and neck. Results are expected and often satisfy the patient is to remove dead skin cells so that the new layer of skin cells be able to come to the surface of the face. As a result, the face look younger and more refreshed!

How the workings of laser on the skin? Breakthrough laser that horrendous world of cosmetics is actually working with a fairly simple way. The laser beam is fired as the small particles are evenly distributed throughout the surface of the face, then each particle would release the heat that makes dead skin cells lifted. Skin cells will soon appear after exfoliating the dead skin. Exfoliation skin the results of laser operating usually takes 1-2 weeks. There are two kinds of the most advanced laser techniques and provides very good results, namely ActiveFX and DeepFX.

ActiveFX and DeepFX a deep laser surgery procedures, the surgical laser can reach skins layers  deep enough so that the skin cells with new ones can quickly rise to the surface. Differences ActiveFX with DeepFX found on the patient's age. DeepFX usually more frequent in patients older than 40 years, while ActiveFX fits performed in patients aged 30-40 years.

The age difference reflects differences in the level of difficulty for damage or flaking of dead skin cells. The cost of cosmetic surgery for deep laser range from $600 until $ 2000 dollars depending on the laser technique is used, the targeted areas of the skin as well as the level of difficulty of exfoliating dead skin.


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