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The Secret Beyond Aroma Fragrant Perfume

As well as choosing shoes, clothes, and cosmetology you need to select the appropriate perfume yourself. Like what's the secret?

Sounds absurd? Have you ever smelled the perfume of your friends, are interested in and buy it, but when you use perfume turns out it does not give your body scent emitted by your friends?

This is called "personality" was. We have different skin, and the skin is what allows the fragrance to life.
Depending on the personality and appearance, tone of perfume can be selected from an impressive deep, dark, and mysterious (like the scent of vanilla, sandalwood or sandalwood, and patchouli), up to a light, outgoing, and romantic (such as citrus, rose, gardenia, and jasmine ).

So you are not wrong in choosing a perfume, A good idea to know in advance about the types of perfume and scent when you spray it on your body:


Meaning fern in French, this family of scents is stronger and often used in men's fragrances. They contain hints of oak, moss and fresh herbs. If you enjoy the fougere scents, try Havana Pour Elle by Aramis.


This perfume will give the scent a very sharp and stinging because the perfume is made from a mixture of spices. Materials spices commonly used in the manufacture of oriental perfume is of clove, vanilla, cinnamon, lavender relationship, and carnations. Try Dior Addict by Dior or Flower by Kenzo.


Perfumes of this type, has the aroma produced from the flowers. Surely fresh effect will it have on users. This floral scent is more soft and romantic impression. try Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren Romance.


Perfume types are made from mixed materials are pine, lavender, musk and gardenia. Aroma generated will provide an understated impression.
Try Gucci Rush 2 Perfume by Gucci.


Step into a forest and these are the notes you will get with a woody scent. Think pine, cedar, sandalwood - scents that are earthy and musky. If you like woody scents, try Black by Bvlgari.


These scents are influenced by the sea and evoke being by the ocean (sandy beach, salty air). Oceanic scents are clean, almost-masculine with hints of spice and citrus. If you like oceanic fragrances try Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden or Cool Water Woman by Davidoff.


Think fresh cut grass, crushed leaves and other fresh, cool scents that bring to mind the outdoors and open spaces. If you like green fragrances try DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple.


This perfume has a fresh scent as the materials used for this perfume is orange. This perfume is not only used by women alone but men are also suitable for use.
So if you already know the types of perfume you should select the type of suitable and durable in your body. In its use is recommended you do not overdo simply by spraying at the neck, the elbow of your arm.
If you use perfume does not smell to you does not mean not because perfume is not fragrant smell but smells are used by your nose.


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