Like the rest of the body, sex organs also need to be maintained cleanliness and health. Moreover, female sex organs. It is hidden no means neglected by your attention. Vagina not to stop off at an entrance of germs and bacteria

Leucorrhoea is one of the disorders of the female reproductive organs. Characterized by whitish liquid out (not blood) of the vagina to excess.

In normal circumstances, a healthy vagina produces fluid to clean the vagina of foreign objects that are not desirable. The fluid also serves as a lubricant to aid in sexual penetration, and helps the function of reproduction. The natural secretion of liquid such as water or can be sometimes a bit slimy. Generally, the liquid that comes out a little, clear and odorless.

Leucorrhoea can be caused by many things, such as infectious microorganisms are bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites. It can also be caused by hormonal balance disorders, stress, chronic fatigue, genital inflammation, foreign body in the vagina, and the presence of disease in the reproductive organs such as cervical cancer. Leucorrhoea due to infection transmitted mainly through sexual contact.

Herbs or medicinal plants that can be used to address the Leucorrhoea of which function as anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiseptic, relieves itching, pengelat (wrinkled mucous membrane so as to reduce the secretion of fluids). Using a recipe of herbs should be done every day on a regular basis until the complaints disappear.

Medicinal plants used to treat vaginal discharge, among others:

  • Betel leaf (Use outside)
    - 10-15 betel leaves
    - 30 grams of guava leaves

    How to make:
    Both material is washed and boiled with 2 liters of water until the remaining 1 quart, then strain. Use to wash the vagina at the time of tepid. Do it regularly.
  • Turmeric (Use in)
    - 20 grams of turmeric (cut into pieces)
    - 10 grams of dried bitter
    - 15 grams of dried pomegranate skin

    How to make:
    Rinse all the ingredients, then boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, then strain. Water is taken 2 times a day (you can add brown sugar or honey). Do it regularly.


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