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Tips for Choosing Powder and Moisturizer


Before buying a facial moisturizer, first identify your skin type. Is your skin dry or oily? Sensitive or normal? Wrinkled or tight? It determines what kind of products that match your skin. Normal skin matching with product based water  with content derived from silicon, while dry skin fit with mineral oil-based products and glycerin.

  • Choosing a facial moisturizer is vital for those who have entered the age of 30 years and over. We recommend that you choose a facial moisturizer that contains SPF 15 so you can avoid the dangers of UV rays. Also make sure in the moisturizer contains anti-oxidants that can prevent skin damage and repair the cells properly.
  • The high price does not necessarily promise excellent product. Note the moisturisers her content. If you have sensitive skin should avoid moisturizers that contain fragrances / perfumes and oils.
  • Some of the contents have their respective functions; retinol are known to reduce wrinkles, Synthetic hydroxy acids release the dead skin and stimulate the growth of new skin cells, soybeans (soy) can make the skin tone becomes evenly distributed and forming collagen fibers that can make your skin smooth surfaces , while vitamin C to stimulate collagen growth. Even so vitamin C should not be mixed with vitamin A (retinol).


  • Better find a powder with a formula that can reflect light (illuminating powder).
  • Lasting powder usually appear thicker. Such powder is not actually bring a lot of benefits because thick make-up looks good only for a short time. Besides that your face look tired. Better find regular powder that is lighter, although must applied many times but your face looks fresh!
  • Anti-aging powder is not functioning eliminate wrinkles, but cover it. Usually this powder as it contains vitamin A (retinol), C (ascorbyl palmitate or tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate), E (tocopheryl acetate) and the content of anti-oxidants.
  • Use a foundation that can moisturize well. An easy way to get it, just look for a foundation with the phrase "tinted moisturizer" or "sheer foundation". If your face has enough moisture, then we will look younger. However, do not try to cover up the wrinkles in smile lines by applying foundation is too thick. This trick will only make foundation look us piled in the crease.
  • You might want to look so perfect and apply make-up techniques are wearing powder layering  again after wearing foundation all the time. This trick makes your skin trouble breathing. Foundation should leave alone for a few hours. Then after you have oily skin, you can rub transparent powder in the T-zone. Do not use a finishing powder on the cheeks, close your eyes and around your mouth.


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