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3 Ways Breathing Exercises Can Reduce Stomach Fat

There are so many ways to lose weight out there, ranging from going to the GYM to workout or exercise one hour a day on a regular basis. But in this article I want to share a simple way that is quite helpful in lowering the fat in your stomach.

Did you know that breathing exercises can be an effective way to lose weight and regain your ideal body shape?

Let's look at some simple breathing exercises that you can try at home. Exercise is also known as Oxycise, this exercise can bring many benefits starting from health problems and can also help you lose weight.

Pull Breath In Deep (Deep Breathing)

It is a simple exercise and most often performed. You just need to take 15-20 minutes time from your daily routine. Inhale deeply to increase oxygen intake, and also helps burn calories.

During stress, cortisol increases and this causes hormonal imbalances. You feel hungry and crave foods that can harm your diet plan. When your appetite increases, you eat more calories you consume and turn into fat.

By practicing deep breathing exercises simple, you control your stress hormones and avoid the food. Sitting directly on the ground or a chair, keep your hands in your lap and close your eyes.

Meditating for 2-4 minutes and breathe normally. Then start taking a deep breath. Counts 1-4 inhaling  and counts 1-6  exhaling. Repeat for 10-15 minutes so that you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Blowing Breathing (Bellow Breathing Exercise)

This technique increases the body's energy so it keeps you active throughout the day. Sit straight in a chair, close your mouth and relax. Now take a deep breath in and out quickly. You can also calculate numbers quickly while breathing.

It's quick to emphasize breathing lungs, chest and abdomen. Do the bellows breathing exercises for 15 minutes on a regular basis to lose weight without going to GYM.

Abdominal Breathing

This exercise emphasizes the abdominal muscles. It is similar to yoga breathing exercises (pranayama). Place a pillow on the floor and then knelt down on your knees. Keep your back straight, close your eyes and relax.
Count to 10 and then began to breathe deeply.

First, breathe out and count to 5 count. You should feel all the air out of the body. Your stomach will feel empty and stuffy. Hold (count to 2 count) after throwing out and then take a deep breath.

Count to five while inhaling. Hold it again and count to two, breathe out completely. Repeat this exercise for 10 times each day. You will feel relax, reduce stress levels and also burn fat from the stomach.

It is a breathing exercise that can help lose belly fat without too much effort. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and have a healthy diet low in fat and calories. You can also exercise the gym after doing breathing exercises.


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