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Healthy is Beautiful

Yeah, healthy is pretty! As soon as the sound of a health slogan. Slogan or whatever its name, for sure, healthy is indeed beautiful than a sick person
Dressed up with famous brand to be in vain when the body is sick. Moreover, if the disease looks striking in organ that support beauty such as eyes, mouth, throat or skin and hair. Appearance should radiate, so dim. So, pay attention to the signs, and immediately treated.

The following below are the signs of someone who is not healthy

Fresh eyes Less

Eyes is eyesight senses a telling indicator of your health. Pay attention to your eyelids, if the color is black, you're out of blood or tired. Furthermore, when the eyes look more prominent than usual, there is the possibility of the thyroid gland (thyroid gland) work too active, preferably, when the thyroid gland is underactive, will appear lower eyelids, swollen eyelids, and eyebrows become thin and sparse . These symptoms appear gradually and is also related to weight gain. High cholesterol make the gray circle around the edge of the iris or appear yellowish fat globules called xanthelasma of the eyelids.

Dry lips

Chapped lips and ulcers certainly make you look less than perfect. Cracked lips and sores caused by lack of vitamin C regular, stress and fatigue. Increase your consumption of fruits, vegetables, and adequate rest. Moreover, note the mouth, is there any red or white patches on your gums or tongue? Be careful, if there is no pain canker sores more than 2 weeks could be the early symptoms of mouth cancer. Smoking and drinking alcohol increase the risk of occurrence of oral cancer.

Neck Swelling

feel your neck. Beware any lump in the neck. Especially when the lump was settled and the greater. Lump or swelling in the area commonly called goiter caused thyroid gland is located between the larynx and upper sternum. Mumps due body iodine deficiency.

Brittle Nails

White patches on your nails indicate zinc deficiency and protein. Drink supplement containing zinc and multiply that eating fish, meat and milk and cheese. Nails that are flat / flat or concave appears indicating iron deficiency. While the other spots on the nails like lines (vertical or horizontal and black spots) indicate calcium deficiency. Need to watch out for nails brittle.

Thin Hair

Thin hair shows you are on a diet which is less precise. Before the diet should consult a nutritionist, for premenopausal women, there are experiencing hair thinning / loss. Stress, hormonal changes and heredity play a role in hair thinning, but a poor diet took part in the'' damage'' hair. Diet is one hair cause supply shortages of essential vitamins like B-complex, iron, zinc, and folic acid.

Skin Spots

Pay attention and touch your skin. Are there any new warts or moles? The slightest change in the skin, such as bluish bruises must to watch out. On the face, carcinoma cells (small, pale nodules or brown spots) can be easily treated if caught early. Overweight and irregular menstruation can also be a cause of acne is severe.


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