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Sagging Breasts Due to Jogging

Is it true that jogging can lead to sagging breasts? 

Iin addition to helping you lose weight, jogging is also effective for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

But women shall be careful when jogging or running exercises, because these exercises can cause chest pain if you do not wear a sports-bra size right.

UK study shows 30 percent of marathon runners feel pain in their breasts while running, and 40 percent of them do not give special treatment because the pain is considered a matter of course. Only a few women who take pain relief medication, compress with water, or use certain oils to reduce the intensity of pain.

Nicola Brown of University College London who led the study said, women should wear a sports-bra is comfortable to avoid inflammation and muscle damage that can lead to sagging breasts, as reported by Dailymail.
Larger breast size requires more serious attention when jogging or running, so it should get a proper buffer so as not to bounce that can trigger injury and pain in the breast.


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