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3 Guide To AntiAging Hair Care

As we age, it seems like bad hair days are more frequent. The shiny, thick hair from our 20s has turned gray and thin. Most of us dream of turning back time—or at the very least we try to find a secret formula that will stop the grays and make our locks look strong and healthy.
But, as we know, no secret formula exists. However, there are ways to change your hair-care routine to better nourish and strengthen aging hair.

antiaging hair care

Make It Shine
Shiny, healthy hair is a sign of youth. Finding the right product that enhances the gloss of your hair is important for your daily hair-care routine. Nexxus Youth Renewal products combat dryness and brittleness and help replenish and revitalize damaged hair.

Cover Gray
Covering gray hair is a constant battle. Besides coloring your hair and using an anti-fade shampoo, find a hairstyle that doesn’t part in the middle—that’s where the roots are constantly visible.

Style Safely
Your hairstyle can easily make you look older, so when styling, make sure your hair complements your best facial features. Remember: Hair that’s pulled back too tightly brings out the lines in your face. To keep your hair loose and soft, blow-drying with the right products can help you achieve the look. Nexxus Youth Renewal Blow Dry Spray is infused with vitamins that help build thicker-looking hair while also fighting frizz.


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