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Find Sunglasses Suit Your Face Shape

Just like finding the best romantic match, picking the perfect pair of sunglasses follows the same rule of thumb 'Opposites Attract', says eyewear expert Blake Kuwahara, owner of Focus Group West Eyewear Consultancy in Los Angeles. Here, he and other eyewear experts offer advice for common face shapes.
sunglasses for your face shape

How To Determine Sunglasses That Fit With Your Shape Face

in order fit and beautiful glasses can be used, we should adjust to the shape of your face, read here how to determine your face shape
  • Determine Sunglasses for Round face Shape

    In order to play down the fullness of a round face, select frames that have straight or angular lines. Rectangles are a safe and fashionable bet. Deep colors like black and tortoise shell can also help to visually balance your face.
  • Determine Sunglasses for Square face

    Complement a square face with frames that are more oval or round. The Jackie O style or an aviator shape are good picks. Make sure that the top of the frame sits high enough on the face to downplay the jaw line.
  • Determine Sunglasses for Triangular face

    This shaped face is defined by a broad forehead and a narrow mouth and chin. Frames with a thin rim and vertical lines will help balance the bottom portion of the face. Frames shouldn't sit too high on the face; otherwise, they'll accentuate the forehead.
  • Determine Sunglasses for Oval face

    If you fit into this group, you're lucky because almost any shape looks good on you. Just make sure that the size of the frame is in proportion to your face.
  • Determine Sunglasses for Heart-shaped face

    Sunglasses that are too wide can make chins look pointy if you have a heart-shaped face. The Sunglasses Shop says that aviators are a good, more narrow style choice that will accentuate your face shape the best way.
  • Determine Sunglasses for Small face

    Small faces can still pull off oversized sunglasses but should steer clear of thick frames, according to The Sunglasses Shop website.
  • Determine Sunglasses for Long face

    Long faces work best with rectangular frames, which add width and help balance out the face's length. Sunglasses with a low bridge may help shorten the length of your nose.

Factor in your skin tone

Face shapes aren't the only deciding factor when choosing sunglasses. The color of your shades is also important and depends on your complexion, according to United Shades.
  • Pale skin

    Fair skin works best with lightweight frames or those with a touch of color like rose or amber. Tortoiseshell frames suit light skin, but you should avoid darker versions. Clear, blue or green frames can drain color from cheeks.
  • Dark skin

    Golden or Asian skin works best with silver, gold or clear frames. Avoid black because it can be too heavy.
  • Dark/African American skin

    Metallic and amber frames suit dark complexions. Black frames can be risky, United Shades says.

Other things to keep in mind, according to The Sunglasses Shop:

  • Rimless sunglasses and aviators fit most face shapes.
  • Your eye should be positioned in the middle of the lens, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Your sunglasses should not be so small that your eyebrows are visible above the frames.
  • The edge of the frame should be slightly wider than the widest part of your face.


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