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Choosing foundation and powder that matching

Every woman would want to look beautiful with make-up perfect, uniform and smooth. Make-up is also useful in order to perform the face look brighter and not dull.

Sometimes women love to show makeup with a white color to the face.

Many people mistakenly choose the make-up colors, instead of his face was white, in fact just looks like a mask.

One key to success with perfect make-up is
located on the selection of color foundation and powder colors it uses.

The selection of foundation color and powder color should be based on a person's skin type. The use of powder and foundation that does not match your skin type could result in damage to the skin and make it more oily.

However, in addition to the use of powder and foundation according to skin type, the election should be based on your skin tone. To produce a flat makeup and looks natural, choose the color foundation is darker than your skin. and for the powder, choose the color of the powder is lighter than the color your skin.

To determine the color, apply foundation or powder that you selected on the chin and adjust color with your face skin color. The combination of a darker foundation color with a lighter powder will make the face look more natural.


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