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How to eliminate the bad odor in the vagina

Vaginal bad odor will be very disturbing for every women. Especially if the woman already has a partner or married. Vagina is the female sex organs are located hidden. To take care needed of the special skills, especially when women experience menstrual cycle.

 In fact, in normal circumstances (without disease), the vagina does have a distinctive smell, but it will not smell by other people around him. for example unpleasant smell of vaginal, such as salted fish odor may indicate certain diseases, such as bacterial vaginosis. to avoid vaginal dispense a bad odor, here are the solution.

  1. Drink 8 glasses of water every day, reduce the sugary drinks and carbonated beverages
  2. Consuming garlic and yogurt regularly can help reduce vaginal bad odor.
  3. Avoid using tight pants and colorful. Better use of cotton panties and white color
  4. Use baby wipes to clean the vagina that is often wet and keep it dry. moist vagina will allow bacteria to grow.
  5. Avoid the use of feminine soap cleansing that have pH balanced because it increases the risk of infection. just use water only
  6. Avoid maintaining lot of pubic hair, because it could be a nest the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  7. Clean the vagina from front to back in one direction, and do not forward again, so that the dirt from the back does not move forward.
  8. After a bowel movement, clean the vagina correctly.


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