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Tips to prevent loss of eyelash because often wear mascara

Tips to prevent loss of eyelash because often wear mascara Not only the hair on the head that could fall out, eyelashes can also experience the same thing.

 The loss on eyelash usually occurs because of the use mascara that too often, the use of false eyelashes and no clean up eye makeup. But that does not mean you are forbidden to use eye makeup. As long as you are diligent care for the eye area with appropriate treatments, such as the care that we present the following:

  1. Clean Make-up Before Sleep: Make sure that after activities, you clean the whole cosmetics including eye. If not cleaned, the ingredients of cosmetics eye make eyelashes fall out easily. In addition, because the eyes are not cleared then it will trigger the itch that makes you rub your eyes and make lashes broken.
  2. Use special cleaners Eyes: It is now widely sold cleaning products intended to clean eyeshadow, mascara and false eyelashes. These products usually contain oils and safe for the eyes. Never use a toner to cleanse the eye area, because can irritate the eyes, and eyelashes can also fall out.
  3. Pinching Eyelashes: Before using mascara, your should flops your lashes. This way to avoid so that you do not use mascara too thick. That's because the content of mascara can make lashes become more fragile and fall.
  4. Using Cosmetic Products with Good Quality: Use mascara and other eye makeup products are of good quality. Make sure your cosmetics have hypoallergenic label and has been tested by dermatologically. that mean The label have been tested for sensitive skin and allergies.
  5. Vitamins for Eyelashes: When the eyelashes loss was too severe, you should stop for a moment the use of eye cosmetics, particularly mascara and false eyelashes. While you are treating it with eyelashes vitamin. One of product is "Loreal Renewal Lash Serum", The result can make lashes stronger and thicker.


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