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Tricks approaching to taciturn men

Men who have taciturnity normally unpredictable and can make frustrating the women who interested to him. Approaching a quiet man, may be a challenge. not easy to know more, because man this type tend to be closed, especially when it comes about romance.

Although rather difficult, does not mean man this type can not be approached. If by chance you are interested in a man who turned out man taciturnity type, there are special tips to approach him. It may not make immediate liking to you, but it can open his heart to get closer and comfortable with you. Here are tips and trick from beautifulwomenandhealthy.blogspot.com for you:
  • Smiling and Eye Contact Men will feel more secure if they believe someone is really interested or want to talk to him. One of the best ways to show an interest, it is with a smile and eye contact was intense. This shows your sincerity to her.
  • Understand Taciturnity : First, you must understand that taciturn is the nature. When he did not respond to conversation as you'd expect, such as answer needed, busy playing phone, does not mean he does not like you or feel annoyed with your presence. But it is nature that does not say much. Over time and intense closeness and patience, it is not impossible cold nature will melt.
  • Bring to a Quiet Place : Take him to a quiet and personal, such as a cafe, or bookstore. A quiet place will make tacturnity man more comfortable than a noisy area such as a club or mall. To be more sure, ask where he likes, or where place that usually he go.
  • Women must take Initiative first : Quiet man usually reluctant or embarrassed to invite women first. This is a moment for women to take the initiative, because maybe he wants to walking with you, but he's not sure the invitation will be accepted. With invite her to go, That's mean you have been make him understand that you are interested in him. No need for a romantic or luxury place, simply by going to a restaurant or a chat while walk in the city park.
  • Listen Careful When He Talk : Generally a quiet man is a thinker. They tend to reflect or consider what he would say. So when he started talking, then he expects you to listen intently because what he says is important to him. It may be his opinion of something slightly different than most people. If you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask so that communication can go both ways.
  • Ask Personal Matters : Personal here, not asking about her love story or family issues. But more to what became his favorite and daily activities. For example, hobbies, favorite singer, favorite food or work. From what you already know, find a topic that you think makes him comfortable to talk about it.
  • Do not Suppress : Do not rush the show feeling like you are, because it can make it a little depressed. Build a closeness with her ??first, so she feels comfortable. Friendships will make taciturn man more open than if you approach it as a woman who had a special feeling to it.


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