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Facts about vagina that every woman needs to know

The vagina is often referred to as the most intimate organ of the female body. But whether you're familiar with your reproductive this? Either because you are embarrassed to reveal oddities you find, or do not even realize the particular abilities of the vagina, finally "facility" is just a mystery. So you do not wonder anymore, here are the facts that you may not know about your female organs this.
  1. Able to clean naturally: That is why you are advised not to wash the vagina with soap. "Vagina is restricted by various glands that produce fluid needed for lubrication and cleanses the vagina area," said Lisa Stern, APRN, a nurse who works with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. "Most vaginal infections experienced by patients in my office are women who think they have done something good, to clean the vagina with soap and water, even using water spray medicine. " Bath products, especially those containing chemical dyes or fragrance can irritate the vagina and eliminate lubrication, bacteria and fungi that are normal and natural, he said. When these beneficial compounds disappeared, anaerobic bacteria and fungi can breed, and this can lead to symptoms such as itching or odor. Just to wash the area with mild soap labia hell it's no problem, but do not let something into the vagina.
  2. Increased its size when stimulated: According to Lissa Rankin, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist and author of the book What's Up Down There? Questions You'd Only Ask Your gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend, "The average length of the vagina is 7-10 cm." It looks so small, and unable to "catch" him throughout the property. But the workings of the vagina was not like that. "The length could be doubled when stimulated," said Dr. Rankin. Indeed, many women still feel pain during intercourse, if the penis size is very large. For cases like this, he suggested the use of lubrication and start slowly. "Take a couple to have fun with foreplay. Aroused more you feel, the less pain caused during intercourse."
  3. Can wrinkles: Like the your face, vagina can wrinkle with age. The labia can become less plump as estrogen levels decline, the layer of fat on the labia shrink, while the depletion of collagen can cause the labia to sag, according to Dr. Rankin. "The skin of the vulva may become darker or lighter, and the clitoris is also shrinking. But this is normal, "he said." Change that often associated with decreased levels of the estrogen, the affect vaginal pleasure.
  4. Tampons can not be left in the vagina: You may have heard stories about tampons that goes too far, and is difficult to remove from the vagina. It turned out to be a myth. "The vagina is tied at the end of the inside of the cervix, and the vaginal tissue itself," said Stern. In other words, the vagina is not connected to other areas of your body. So, do not worry there will be something lost in there. "May be, sometimes it can get very far tampon into the vagina, as if by chance behind during sex. If this occurs, the obstetrician can pick it up easily using a speculum and forceps, "he said.
  5. Ejaculated during orgasm: According to Dr. Rankin, this happens to some women, and not unusual. What about the process? "There are glands around the urinary tract that may out the fluid especially when the walls of the vagina (or G-spot) was stimulated," says Rankin. Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, sexuality researcher and professor at Rutgers College of Nursing, described the area as the female prostate. The form is a collection of glands, blood vessels, nerves, and tissues supple, which seems to produce a liquid when stimulated in some women.
  6. Sag after childbirth: Vaginal muscles do tend to sag after childbirth, but you will not see a change in appearance. "As a gynecologist, I know if my patient a vaginal delivery or surgical operation. Kegel exercises are the best way to improve the function of the muscles of the vagina, which stretched and changed after delivery.
  7. Sex on a regular basis: Such as biceps, vagina also have to be trained, Dr. Rankin confirmed that the vagina will be healthier if you have sex routinely. Sex is not just keeping the sensitive vaginal tissue healthy. Do not forget, the vagina is intended as a means of reproduction, so you should increase the frequency of sex. If you are too old not to have sex, vaginal walls can become brittle. When you enter menopause, the vaginal wall can be injured and shut down. However, sex is not the only solution. You can consult your doctor to find other methods to keep the vagina healthy.


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