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Feather or Hair Will Grow More Thick Once Shaved?

Maybe you've heard if you shave the hair or other body hair, it will grow thicker and dense. This myth has been circulated to a growing belief among many women infertile. Really? Now, a scientist and dermatologists who have more specialized expertise in hair transplantation, DR. Marc Avram gave an interesting explanation.

According to professor of dermatology at Weill-Cornell Medical School, New York, USA explained, "Pulling hair is usually the result will not be permanently bald. Actually just
plucked the hair shaft. Hair shaft is the visible part of the hair follicle, and the hair shaft is simply attached to the top layers of skin. While the roots of the hair to make hair grow back on duty would remain inside.

This is why, although we do waxing in the armpit area, legs, hands or other body parts to the face, hair or feathers are removed will grow back. Unless you do the treatment removes unwanted hair permanently.

However, if you continue to pull out the hair the same for years will cause inflammation. Take for example just plucked eyebrows. To tidy eyebrows would you be pulling a messy parts with tweezers. And the hair is pulled hair the same for years. This habit will cause inflammation that left scar tissue. The wound will be closed cement inside the hair follicles so that hair follicles can not grow back.

Different with removing (wax), shaving (shaving) just cut the shaft of hair on top and a few layers of skin. Actually, when the hair does grow back becomes thicker. It's just over and sticking straight out. Crew cut just like a man if you touch it with your fingers. Feels more dense and coarse. It also occurs on the hair in the area you are shaving armpits or hands and feet.


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