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Pink Makeup for Sexy Mysterious Impression

Pink Color  synonymous with women's feminine personality. However it turns out, other than to give the impression of a soft, color can also give the impression of sexy mystery to us. Do not believe? Let's experiment with peachy pink color bronzer, eye primer beige, black eyeliner pencil, black mascara, eyebrow wax, eyebrow powder dark brown, peach-nude lipliner and lipgloss light shimmery peach. Here is how to apply:

  1. Start with "peachy pink bronzer" Dab with a soft brush in a motion like the number 3. From the forehead, around the cheekbones and jaw line down to the bottom. Then, slumbering brush on the nose and a little on the chin.
  2. Use the middle finger Use fingers to provide make-up base on the eyelid with beige primer, then give a little bronzer on it. Greed evenly. Use a creamy black eyeliner pencil to line the edge of the eye, starting from the middle to the outer corner. Then, do the same thing on a tear line at the bottom of the eye.
  3. Do not forget the eye Tilt head, and Dab-thick thick black mascara. Then, brush three times a layer of mascara, make eyelashes thicker at each layer. Dab is also right at the bottom of the eye. Use a brush to put eyeliner square shaped eyebrow wax with the movement back and forth on the eyebrows. Dab on a dark brown eyebrow powder eyebrow to show a dark color and sparkle.
  4. Use a pencil "liner" to form a lip Create color is not too strong because we will not use the lipstick. Use shimmery peach lipgloss, then blend with a lipliner, and fill the entire lip surface until evenly distributed.


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