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In Korea Nose and Eye Is The Most Frequently Plastic surgery

Everyone has different ways oto correcting the face that are considered less interesting. One way that conducted the women Korea to has a perfect pretty face  is the plastic surgery and injection filler (injection of to create features facial seem more ideal). Both of these beauty procedures has become a common procedure performed by beauty clinics in the ginseng country.

In Korea, plastic surgery is not only
done by young women, but also men. Most teens are not satisfied with the shape of their noses and the like tend to snub nose typical of Asia in general. They crave the form of a sharp nose, small, and straight as a European nose.

In addition to a more sharp nose, the proportion of adolescents Korea also wants a perfect nose angle. Dr MJ Kim from Rejuve Dermatology, Busan, South Korea, revealed that the proportion of ideal forms a perfect nose is straight from the base to the tip. The perfect nose also has a 90-95 degree angle between the nose and lips (when viewed from the side of the face).

"This proportion is also seen from the comparison of the empty area between the nose, lips and chin. Ideally, the ratio is 1:2," says Dr. Kim, at a workshop in Busan, South Korea, some time ago. (look at picture above!)

More than 80 percent of Korean women to inject dermal filler in the nose, and rhinoplasty (surgery to correct or change the shape of the nose by altering the structure of the bones).

"Although the filler has less risk and faster recovery time than plastic surgery, until now plastic surgery enthusiasts still higher as a result of permanent," said Dr. Ye Shik Shin, MD, from Navi Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul.

Dr. Shik said that to make the nose more sharp, usually the plastic surgeon to change the structure of the nose bone and the bone set it higher than before. Changes in bone structure was also conducted to establish the ideal angle between the lip and the bridge of the nose.

The nose is not the only part of the face you want corrected. Most other parts of the face you want to change is the eye. Korean people's eyes tend to be very small to make a lot of people want to enlarge the size of the eye and forms the upper eyelid. However, some time ago, many Korean women also do eye augmentation to form the lower eye bags.

"According to them, it's pretty eye bags because it could make them look a little more volume," added Dr. Kim.


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