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Looks 10 Years Younger with the Make-up

As a woman of course you know that make-up can do a lot of wonders. Cover the shortfall, and make you look much younger.

Want to look younger without surgery, botox or something else? Make-up is the answer. It is not just a mere figment news, research indicates that when applied properly, it can make the wearer look almost 10 years younger. Foundation, powder, eyeliner and
mascara if applied correctly, will make you actually look younger.

Women who dress up will look five to ten years younger than when they are without makeup. Kate Moss, the model is 38 years old, arguably the most intelligent women dress up. She can make her appearance look ten years younger just by applying the right makeup on her face.

Meanwhile, Madonna is now 54-year old managed to cut seven years of age, then followed by Cindy Crawford, 46 years old, who manages to look six years younger with just a makeup.

You will be surprised at the difference in picture famous women with or without make-up. In this study respondents were asked to identify the age of famous women through face with makeup. Britney Spears, 30, managed to look five years younger.

Another interesting fact is Demi Moore, 50 year old, the only woman who guessed three years younger than her actual age when not wearing make-up at all. However, the make-up she looks younger six years. Respondents were also asked about themselves, with 70 percent of respondents in their 30s said the make-up makes them look younger.

Of that amount, 36 percent think that make-up makes them look one to three years younger, while 29 percent thought it would make them look three to five years younger.

2 percent think the make-up make them look ten years of actual age, while 18 percent thought it could take five to seven years.

The survey by Escentual.com shows that the older you get, the more dependent on the make-up to look younger. Only 60 percent of those aged 30 to 39 who thought they looked younger with make-up, compared with 100 per cent of those aged 60 to 69.


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