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Overcome gray hair When Still Young Age ?

How to Overcome gray hair When Still Young Age ? Aging is a process that must be experienced by everyone. One of the signs of aging is the onset of gray hair.

All people do not want gray hairs grow in his young age, but in fact, at the present time a lot of young people are experiencing the symptoms of premature aging with growth of gray hair on their heads.

Premature aging on the hair due to various factors. For example, genetic factors, the use of a specific chemical, shampoos that contain sulfur or suffer from anemia (pernicious anemia). But you do not have to worry, before the gray hair it appears there are several ways you can do to prevent it :

  1. Keep Scalp Cleanliness. Research conducted by dermatologists the world shows that dandruff is also one of the causes of gray hair. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo or lemon juice as a natural alternative to eliminate dandruff.
  2. Avoid Stress. Pressure that are often experienced by teenagers in modern times like this is one cause of gray hair. This is because the pressure of the lessons they learned in school. Stress is one of the factors causing of aging in hair. Therefore, with a more relaxed, you can prevent the onset of gray hair prematurely.
  3. Set Diet. Excessive dietary intake resulted in a lack of nutrients needed by the body. This resulted in the the body and hair aging prematurely. Therefore, set your diet with a good and balanced to prevent premature aging of the hair and body.
  4. Consuming food rich in iron. Iron deficiency can lead to the emergence of gray hair, iron helps the body produce melanin that can dye the hair. Eat seafood, especially crab, spinach, lemon and mushrooms that have a high iron content.
  5. Curry Leaves, Indian Tribes Hair Beauty Secrets. The Indians use curry leaves to maintain the beauty of their hair. Try adding the food you eat or rub it on your hair after mixed with warm water.
  6. Hair Care. Perform maintenance on the hair to prevent premature aging of the hair. Rub a mixture of pumpkin and coconut oil for about an hour on the hair, then rinse. Do it regularly to prevent premature aging or growth of gray hair on your beautiful hair.


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