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Eliminate Wrinkles In Face with Face Exercise (facercise)

You can do some light massage movements and to prevent and combat premature aging by removing a few wrinkles on the face. You will get a face still tight. The effect may not be immediately obtained, but with perseverance and patience,

Below is tips how to prevent aging with face exercise (facercise)
  • Skin tightening cheek : Wipe chops with a little pressure from the bottom to the top using both hands until the count of ten. After that, pat down your cheek ten times.
  • Eliminating wrinkles under lip : Movement is almost the same as tightening cheek movement, only done in the chin. Keep doing until ten count.
  • Eliminate wrinkles on forehead : Pull the bottom of the forehead to the top with both hands for count ten, after that point the hand movements to the side so that the forehead muscles of the forehead may be interested.
  • Preventing wrinkles in the corners of the eyes : Wipe with a little pressure with both hands on the left and right eyes, from the front of the eye temples to the side until ten count.
  • Tightening the lips : Wipe the pressure on the skin of the upper lip, from the inside out, do 10 times In order to keep muscles toned and supple lips, do some movement below:
    • Move your lips like a kiss.
    • Movement suck up cheeks pucker.
    • Movements like kissing but cheeks dikembungkan, so that the muscles in the neck are interested and wrinkles in the neck missing.
    • Pull up to the upper lip or smile. Expand smiles, because according to beauty experts, a smile can make 100 muscles in the face move.
For more details, you can refer to Video Gymnastics How to Prevent and Eliminate Wrinkles in the face (Anti Aging) from Carole Maggio. Facial Exercise Video was awarded and is a best seller in the world. You will definitely get results. No need special time you do these exercises, you can enjoy free time, or during a ritual cleansing.


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