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Makeup Tips : How to Apply Makeup Correctly

Here are some tips Wearing Make up and the steps which you can apply when makeup
  • Toner and Moisturizer : Before you start to apply makeup, start with a clean face to the neck using a cleanser followed by a toner and moisturizer. It is intended that the results of your makeup is perfect.

  • Foundation : Use a foundation so that colors can enter perfectly on your face. Choose a foundation color that one level higher than your skin tone.
  • Concealer : Use concealer to help disguise the spots on the face or acne scars. Concealer can also be used to disguise eye bags.
  • Brush and Sponge : When using powder, first use the brush then use a sponge to help flatten it.
  • Eyeshadow : Choose colors eyeshadow that can help the face look fresh and young. Colors that can be chosen such as green, peach, purple and gold.
  • Eyeliner : So that the face does not look old, you should not use eyeliner. Or if you want to use it you should not use too thick and use eyeliner pencil shaped.
  • Blush on : Blush color should be a natural color like pink or peach.
  • Lipstick and Lipgloss : Choose a lipstick the same color or one level higher than the lip color. Avoid lip color too much contrast and and add gloss so lips look fresh
  • Eyebrow pencil : Tidy up your eyebrows by removing eyebrows that cluttered and comb it so seemingly neat. Then to reinforce the shape of the eyebrows, choose an eyebrow pencil dark brown instead rather than black, because black will make the face look older.
  • Indeed a lot of beauty products that can make skin smooth and young and make more beautiful. These products there are inserted into the body or used directly on your skin. But with the proper use of cosmetics and makeup tricks right when you apply makeup, then you also can appear more beautiful and young.


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