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Preventing and Overcoming Excess Perspiration

Most people feel uncomfortable when experiencing excessive sweating causes armpit feels hot and humid. Imagine, if you have to experience it every day. What if in addition to experiencing excessive sweating, you are also experiencing a very pungent smell of sweat? How do I prevent the excessive sweating?

The smell of sweat is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. The bacteria multiply rapidly because of sweat, but sweat itself does not smell.

Body odor can be a special characteristic on a person and can be used to identify a person, although this is more often done by
dogs or animals, rather than humans. Body odor or the smell of sweat is influenced by diet, lifestyle, gender, genetics, health and medicine.
The smell of sweat or excessive sweating can be overcome by using a deodorant, antiperspirant, disinfectants (eg, tricolosan), a special soap with antiseptic plant extracts such as ribwort and liquorice, chlorophyllin ointments and sprays topically, and chlorophyllin supplements internally.
  1. Tea. Tea has an antiseptic effect deodorizing. Apply evenly on the armpits, and let stand a few minutes.
  2. Asparagus. The Chinese have been using asparagus to overcome excessive sweating since long. It has diuretic properties and contains asparagine to reduce sweat production in the body.
  3. Astragalus. Astralgus also a plant that originated in China. It is used to treat spleen, lung and other body fluids, such as sweat. Sweat (and other disorders) is seen as a problem of the spleen. Spleen and revitalize Astragalus helps reduce perspiration. Same way with asparagus, by drinking boiled water astragalus.
Besides in way over, how to deal with excessive sweating can be done by shaving your armpit hair. Underarm hair will only exacerbate it.
Sweating produce oil, which will then be absorbed by the hair on the skin. Both the oil and the bacteria will produce body odor.
 So, if you experience excessive sweating or perspiration odor that stung, why not try to shave off your armpit hairs so your skin has a better chance to breathe.


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