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Tips to look beautiful in just seconds

Want to look beautiful, but do not have much time to dress up? No need to spend long hours in front of the mirror. You only took less than a minute to show alluring face. After using a facial moisturizer and powder, choose one or two-step makeup application. Each step only takes less than 30 seconds. Here are tips from beautifulwomenandhealthy.blogspot.com, just for you :
  1. Glowing skin : If you wear clothes that show a lot of skin, be sure to always keep the humidity. Apply a moisturizer or sunblock, especially on exposed skin areas. You can choose a moisturizer that give impact more luminous, smooth, and supple.
  2. Sexy red lips : Lips are one part of a woman who is quite attracting men. Giving a touch of bold color like red to add to her sexuality. However, make it too red or too orange will also make the appearance look weird. Try mixing the two colors to create a unique and sexy lips.
  3. Lip natural moist : Apply lipstick with natural color resembles your lip. Then, make superglossy lips by using a lip balm or lip gloss.
  4. Metallic color on the eyes : Try something different. Do not just play it safe by using colors skin like brown or bronze. You can use metallic colors like gold colors to create different looks.
  5. Natural color pink on cheeks : Use cream blush soft pink or peach, to make your cheeks blush naturally. Apply on your cheekbones in a circular motion. You will look fresh although not dress up.
  6. Natural pink on the lips : You do not have to bite your lips to get natural pink color on the lips, just use pink lipstick and remove a bit by using a tissue so that looks natural.
  7. Violet Eyes : For you has brighter skin , it does not hurt to play with bold colors like purple on the eyes. Use the purple shimmer eyeshadow from eye line to the crease of the eye, and create a line above the eye by using a dark purple liquid eyeliner.
  8. Highlight the eyes with eyeliner : Smokey eyes have always managed to make a woman look sexier. The trick is to use a black eyeliner pencil-shaped, cream liner, eye shadow and powder. Use eyeliner pencil and liner cream along the eye line, blend colors by using cutton bud, then apply once again the cream liner and powder eyeshadow around the eye line.


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