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The favorite nail polish of "Bond's Girl"

Already watch Skyfall? You has definitely seen how dazzling figure Severine (starring Lim Berenice Marlohe) in a film that marks the 50th year that James Bond. In one scene, Severine was wearing nail polish a maroon colored on the nail surface, while underneath nails painted gold.

Polish nail brand america imposed by Severine launched Skyfall Collection Series, the series was to capture the luxury and elegance Bond 007, offering 12 choices of nail colors from metallic to that a touch of glitter, from romantic red to jet black. Six color film depict a seductive, and six others of the danger.

12 choices color of Skyfall Collection that you can get are:

  1. GoldenEye (glorious gold)
  2. The Spy Who Loved Me (romantic red)
  3. Die Another Day (hot and lively red)
  4. Casino Royale (plum)
  5. You Only Live Twice (magenta)
  6. Skyfall (maroon)
  7. Moonraker (metallic grey)
  8. Tomorrow Never Dies (intense purple)
  9. The Living Daylights (multi-hued glitter)
  10. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (misty-green)
  11. Live & Let Die (jet black)
  12. The World is Not Enough (rosy silver)
Skyfall Collection contains a formula that makes it durable and not easy to peel. the materials used does not contain DBP (dibutyl phthalate, plastic making materials), toluene, and formaldehyde. Each nail polish has Prowide Brush for easy use.


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