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Some Advantages of Using Lipstick Color Red

Lipstick color that remains a trend from year to year is red. Even so, many women are not confident using dramatic color lipstick, Whereas red color gives the advantage to your appearance. Consider some of the benefits of using red lipstick, which will make you no doubt to use
  1. Bold & Sexy : Want to get an impression of glamorous, bold and sexy? use red lipstick with smokey eye makeup instantly makes your appearance "bold and sexy" like a celebrity. Your appearance will directly stole attention when attending special events.
  2. Apply the red color lipstick when lazy make-up : Women sometimes being lazy for a full make-up, with a sweep of red lipstick. Your appearance seemed to be more 'alive'. So, just apply your favorite red lipstick when lazy to use eyeshadow, eyeliner or false eyelashes.
  3. Tooth Looks More White : Many agree, red lipstick makes your tooth look more white. "Wearing red lipstick makes my teeth look whiter," says Michelle Trachtenberg. Stars 'Ice Princess' also said, every man who sees a woman using a red lipstick, they would think she was sexy.
  4. Face Looks Brighter : Not only make teeth look more white, with lipstick the color of 'blood' make your face looks more bright. But you must find lipstick a red tone that suits your skin. Few tips choosing the red color lipstick :
    • White skin match using the red of wine, berry, and plum.
    • Orange skin, match to use a red with orange base.
    • and for darker skin tones use the brown red color, mahogany and caramel.
  5. Strengthening impression Retro : For those of you who love vintage style, imitate the style of Zooey Deschanel, Red lipstick and false eyelashes can enhance your classic style.


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