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Everything you Need to Know About Diamonds

Shine can make sparkling eyes. Precious stones were first discovered in India should be looked at closely if we want to have.

Diamonds are the hardest types of stone and brilliant. Usually diamonds used to symbolize an eternal love and commitment. Many romantic stories involving diamonds, such as the romance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the legendary Hollywood couples. With love, Elizabeth Burton gave a gift  a diamond ring of 33.19 carats, not only that, Burton also gave a diamond as big as a pear 69-42 carat to Elizabeth. That is diamond, always embedded in the minds of women and men. The clear light is identical to the symbol of eternal love are sincere and honest.

The important thing to know in buying a diamond is to know the criteria from different aspects, so as not to lose time to invest. Diamonds come in all shapes, ie round, oval, pear, marquise, emerald, princess cut heart shape and a circular shaped slices of the most complicated and expensive because it can emit the most perfect luster. Here are the things you need to know about diamonds:


Increasingly free from defects, the higher the value of a diamond. The best quality in the level of F for flawless, followed by VVS which means very very small, and  the last is VS  which mean very small.


Scale color of a diamond begins with the no color at all (nodes), to the more colorful.


The beauty of a diamond is determined by the cut, so be careful to cut diamonds.


This shows the weight of a diamond. The count like this: one carat diamond consists of one hundred points, so that the diamond weighing 0.05 carats has 5 points. Though small, the price is very expensive.


1. Get recommendations from friends or family for the names of the finest jewelry stores.

2. Do the research, that is, before purchasing a diamond, learn as much as possible to know about diamonds, because this stuff is very expensive and worn for a long time.

3. Buy the best fit with the ability to just make sure the diamond is cut properly and have the color and purity are very good.

4. Should fit any style, that fits the style casual to formal. Think based on quality, style, and appearance is most appropriate for us.

5. Trend: choose the newfangled classic, simple, and minimalist.


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