Women generally stressed when asked dieting. As a shortcut, they often inadvertently make him hungry and ran into the diet drug.

Although we're a big man, of course, we need to live happy and healthy. The trick is not to feel hungry. But, you eat must be healthy. "For example, if you previously used to eat 10 scoops of rice, reduce by half. If previously lazy get up early to exercise, try to walk around the complex."

No need to work out in the health club is expensive. Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes and clothes alone, he was able to make you sweat.

Regrettably, there are still many people who look negatively on the big man. "If obesity is considered a disease, should be able to find a solution what to do sufferers. If others say fighting obesity, we should have said, let's make friends with obesity. The point is that instead of looking at the negative, people should approach the obese, and told how to live more healthy and beautiful."

Many designers often say, abstinence fat people wearing clothes with horizontal lines, large floral, or plaid. "The rules are so many. They never felt the difficulty of finding clothes for fat people, are compounded by those rules. "

Actually, only one condition, fat people to look beautiful when wearing a dress, do not wear clothing that is too narrow.

"So, he's not going to look like a cake that tied of straps and a visible bulge here and there. Wear only clothes fit your body size. Whatever the motive of clothing worn, as long as the size of clothes as it should be, the appearance of the fat will be fine. In fact, it looks pretty.

How to stay beautiful although body fat ? The conclusion is do not wear clothing that is too narrow.


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