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Nail Care Without Expensive Cost

Caring for nails beauty need not cost a fortune, enough to do at home with a convenient and inexpensive. Good luck.

1. Clean fingernails using acetone.

2. Continue to soak nails in warm water first given salt and olive oil to make it easier when cleaning dirt on the nails and makes nails look more radiant.

3. After that, wipe your fingers using a lemon, rub to all parts of the nail to remove the yellow stain stick on fingernails due to the use of nail polish that is too long.

4. Prepare manicure tools such as nail scissors, cuticle scissors, nail buffer, miserly tools and lotions to moisturize the finger.

5. Nail clippers with a length according to taste, and continue to clean up the cuticle.

Give the olive oil on the cuticle entire fingers, then clean the cuticle that stand out with special scissors cuticle.

6. Soften the nails using a nail buffer, so that the natural shape and not sharp.

7. Use olive oil mixed with honey, then using plastic wrap for 30 minutes to allow the ingredients in olive oil and honey absorbs into the skin of the finger.


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