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This is the advantage not using Make-up

Brush up on your face with makeup to be one of the reasons why women appear confident when outside the home.

There are times when you have to dare to appear innocent without reducing beauty of the face. there are at least four reasons why you must free your face from makeup.

Without makeup your will save your money, because not a lot of money spent to buy equipment makeup, so your money will grows.

Although sometimes a lot of makeup tools are rarely used and even only occasionally used, but often women feel prestige when not to use expensive makeup and famous brand name.

Without makeup, meaning same give breath on your skin

The best reason without makeup is to give your skin a break from all the harmful chemicals in all products. Your skin is also an organ that needs to be treated well.

Without makeup, meaning same make you look more natural

Although it sometimes feels very pleasing when someone compliments you for a beautiful face appearance due to the help of makeup, in fact, just a nice smile the women will look pretty.

Without makeup, means you send a positive message

Apart from all the above benefits, does not wear makeup also help send a positive message, especially if you are a role model for young girls or having a girl. It gives the message that you do not need makeup to look beautiful.


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