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What The Makes Women Attractive To Men ?

Here are a few things that make a woman sexy and attracting men.

A woman's hair is one of the sexiest women asset from the point of view of men. And no matter whether straight or wavy, but most men like women with long hair.
Your hair is a signal that tells the person about whom you are.
Long hair tells the world that you are a sensual and sexy woman

Interest in men with stiletto shoes can not be denied, but the heels make a woman look sexier.
Wearing high heels can lift the buttocks of women 25%, arches her back, her breasts swollen and be a concern, lengthen her calf, and her hips a seductive sway when she walked. Which man is not interested ?

It is a scientific fact that men are visual creatures, and one way to appeal to their visual side is lingerie.

Men will desire sex if they see a woman wearing lingerie, Lingerie need not be expensive, but should be sexy, therefore, for the women who are married please collect lingerie in large quantities, so that your husband will not get bored with you.

According to Shelly Hagen, author of "Everything Body Language", something that could make a man or woman look sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex is confidence. And the quality of self-confidence has nothing to do with beauty or appearance.

Maybe you cross paths with a woman who looked casual in a party, but many men are happy with her. yes he is a woman who has confidence so that  attract people around him. someone who has the confidence can usually be seen from behavior such as eye contact when he talks to other people and do not get nervous when talking to someone


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