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4 Lip Products You Must Have

I invite you to find out what lip products that must exist on the dresser and bags. Lip products have some variety, we need to know.

This is one of the fun parts of makeup routine. Lip product plays an important role for the overall makeup. For example, by wearing red lipstick, you can look so firm and sexy, wearing pink lipgloss striking you look younger and playful. Even if you do not use the other makeup products, using only lip color, your face may look brighter.


Please note, there is a lipstick that gives a different finish, matte colors tend to dry and very clearly visible, and there is also a lipstick that delivers moisture to the lips, tend to be slightly glossy and the color not as thick the matte lipstick. Choose according to your taste and condition your lips. Can also be added matte texture lipstick with lip gloss for change a little color and also gives a glossy effect desired. Perhaps the analogy is appropriate for lipstick crayons, thick and dense in color. But lately many lipsticks in liquid form.


Lip gloss has a sticky texture and tends to have a glossy effect on the lips. But if you have dry lips, lip gloss really helps to keep your lips do not look chapped in the long time period, lip gloss also gives moisture to the lips. Lip gloss have color, but not thick as lipstick. The color is softer, I personally like to wear lip gloss, especially when in a hurry. With a brush or aplikatornya, I do not need to be afraid of messy because is easy to apply.


Using Lip Stain for ombre lip color gets increasingly popular lately. In form of a liquid, some are like markers. Lip Stain to be favorite for some people because of its durability is very strong. You can use a lip stain in the morning, eat and drink with ease without the need to apply again. Colors are given lip stain will not disappear until you clean it with a lip remover, but color is a little faded compared to when you first lip stain was used, but did not disappear and durability is much more powerful than the lipstick and lip gloss


Lip Balm works to provide moisture to the lips. If the above three products for makeup, lip balm is a product for the care and lip moisturizer.
Lip balm that most do not have color, but some in color, pink or red color usually is not too thick. Lip Balm daily use before applying lipstick so the lips moisture is maintained. Items such as these are required to put on the table and also in the bag. Lifesaver for dry lips!

Do not be afraid to try new colors that you've never had. May be you will find a new color that turned out to actually support your overall makeup. I also suggest that you use lip balm every day to treat lips moist. I always carry lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss in my purse.


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