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Hair Removal with Caramel Waxing

Cleaning the body hair is part of beauty ritual. From fur legs, arms, until the personal part (vagina hair or penis hair). Many ways which can be selected a woman to remove hair, such as shaving, plucking and waxing. There is an ancient method that the trend is now back waxing using caramelized sugar.

The different of caramel waxing with usual waxing is ingredients of used. caramel waxing using natural caramelized sugar and contains no chemicals.waxing using caramel will clean with truly clean and thorough and lasting up to 3 weeks. The following are steps using waxing caramel

1. Foot cleaned with a damp towel.

2. Then given powder so that caramel does not cling too strongly.

3. Hot caramelized sugar is applied to the upper body, following the growing hair. then feather hair will stick to the caramel.

4. The next step is to pull hair with the help of cloth strips. This fabric is affixed to the top of the caramel. Cain pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth groove. Hair will be torn up to the skin follicles.

5. The rest of the existing hair will be lifted using a twisted thread or a technique known as threading.


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