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Chewy and Healthy Skin

Restore skin elasticity as a young back with Antioxidant Facial treatments.

Vitamin C is useful for the skin in two main ways, namely, acting as an antioxidant that restores skin damage caused by free radicals, and helps the formation of collagen.
As an antioxidant, vitamin C and repair damaged tissue oxidants, toxic substances attacker cells of our body organs. This oxidant is obtained from the remaining of the body processing food,   air contamination, water, and stress. This condition triggers the skin look dry and dull, wrinkles and even premature aging occurs. To overcome this one way to do facial.

Facial is one of the common facial treatments such as facial known to tackle dull, not bright due to problems on the skin. Facials are recommended to ward off premature aging and facial wrinkles is to use "Pure C Antioxidant Facial". Facial antioxidant is one alternative to improve skin texture, stimulate collagen and elastin network, brighten the skin and make the skin look more supple and healthy.

Early stage
1. Face cleaned first using a cleansing milk.
2. Use soap facial cleanser.
3. Giving soft peeling.
4. Extraction of blackheads.

Main Step
Providing Pure Vitamin C Serum

Final Stage
Revitalizing Moisturizing
Giving vitamin skin with massage movements on the face

Completion Phase
Giving a mask for 20 minutes


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